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The Collected Works
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The 2023 Collected Works of: 

Prof. Roger P. Minert 

PhD, em. Prof., em. AG, FUGA

Over the years, Roger P. Minert has had many requests for copies of articles he has published in various journals, as well as for information regarding publications currently on the market.​  In 2016 he decided to compile them all--now 193 in number--in one location. 

Under the title Collected Works [CW], he has produced digital versions of all 121 articles and books that he can legally give away.  The other 72 books are identified and information is provided regarding how to procure them.  

The CW had its debut at the EGGP conference in Minneapolis in 2017 and since has found its way into the hands of hundreds of researchers.  A "Master Bibliography" assists the reader in identifying the titles and locating each selection in CW or in the book market. 


The newest edition contains indexes of vols. 10, 12, 13, 15-33 of the series

German Immigrants in American Church Records

ALL proceeds go to the non-profit organization that funds:


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Tel:  801-374-2587

Created by: Susan E. Sirrine
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