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Dr. Roger P. Minert Ph.D., Prof. em

2023 Collected Works

Antique Books

Contents of This Collection

Preface---------------------Master Bibliography

Introduction-------------How to Use This Collection

DIRECTORY 1------------German Family History in Germany-----------------------------------------------27

DIRECTORY 2------------German Family History in the United States-----------------------------------44

DIRECTORY 3------------German Pedagogy-----------------------------------------------------------------------18

DIRECTORY 4------------German Miscellaneous-----------------------------------------------------------------6

DIRECTORY 5------------Austria----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

DIRECTORY 6------------Latter-day Saint Literature------------------------------------------------------------10

DIRECTORY 7------------Roger P. Minert Personal--------------------------------------------------------------11

DIRECTORY 8------------Games, Quizzes & Puzzles------------------------------------------------------------10

                                                         TOTAL ARTICLES and BOOKS               129

DIRECTORY 9------------INDEX to German Immigrants in American Church Records------------37 Volumes!

Note: Bibliographical details are provided for 74 more publications that are only available commercially at this time.



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