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Helping researchers of Germanic ancestry through new literature, German-language communications, and conference presentations...

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Roger P. Minert

PhD, em. AG, em prof., FUGA

Professional Experience
& Pedigree Chart Analysis
Accredited by the Family History Library for Germany in 1992 and Austria in 1993.
with agencies & individuals in Europe
Written thousands of letters and emails to Europe since 1973.
German to English & 
English to German
More than four million words translated since 1978.
Professional Research Services
Conference Presentations
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Researching in Germany

 The initial edition of Researching in Germany was printed in California on September 11, 2001. The second edition of this book was published about ten years after the original edition.  It contained hundreds of changes to the original text because of the world's transition into the digital age.


Although the second edition text is now ten years old, the valuable information contained in its 269 pages still gives the insight needed to plan a successful trip to Germany.


For instance:

  • National holidays are easy to identify but often only local residents will know about state or church holidays.  There are also many regional observances.  Don't make the mistake of planning your long awaited trip to your home town in Germany only to find out that the church or archive is closed. Request appointments to churches and archives before you finalize you airline travel. 

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The  2023 Collected Works of:

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Anyone who purchased ANY previous edition may have the new edition for $25.00

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Order Collected Works today and receive a complimentary copy of Researching in Germany.

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After completing PayPal payment please email Dr. Minert at and provide your full name, the name of the product ordered and an email address where a digital download can be sent.

Dr. Roger P. Minert Ph.D., Prof. em
Extensively revised and expanded! 


German Immigrants
in American Church Records  

The toughest challenge  to

American family history researchers is to find documentation proving an immigrant's hometown.


Dr. Minert is attempting to facilitate a solution by sponsoring and supervising a team of students who read German church records and collect genealogical data.  

Since the initiation of this project in 2003 there have been 38 volumes published and over a hundred students employed.     

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     "GIACR has changed

   the way we do Germanic  genealogy in the

    Family History Library."


     Fritz Juengling, Ph.D., AG


Be a part of the solution!  

Donations are greatly appreciated. Email Dr. Minert at: and make a difference in German family history research.


The German Immigration Research program is a registered charitable entity and donations to the project are tax-deductible!

Make "GIACR part of your research strategy!  

Germans to America and The Hamburg Passenger Lists: Coordinated Schedules

The only comprehensive source of data on passengers departing Germany.
PICTURE---Germans to America and the Ham
  • Authors: Roger P. Minert, Ph.D., 
  • Kathryn Boeckel, Caren Winters 
  • Publisher: Heritage Books (March 26, 2007)​

  • ISBN: 0788436503​

​Germans to America can be ordered through the following website: ​
Reference Publications   

Religious Studies Publications

Against the Wall

Johann Huber and the
first Latter-day Saints in Austria

In Harm's Way

East German Latter-day Saints
in World War II

Under the Gun

West German and Austrian
Latter-day Saints in World War II
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Family History Research

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View of Abenberg, Bavaria_Cover With Tit
German Residential Records For Genealogists

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+ $5.00 Shipping & Handling-USA
+ $5.00 Shipping & Handling-USA

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+ $5.00 Shipping & Handling-USA
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Out of Print
Orders may be placed through the website at using PayPal. 
Otherwise, books can be purchased by check or money order written to "German Immigration Research"
 and sent directly to Roger P. Minert at: 1490 W. 1500 North, Provo, UT 84604.
Please include the name of the product you would like to purchase,
payment (price of product + 5.00 shipping and handling for each book, within the United States),
your name, mailing address, contact phone number and email address.
Please contact Roger P. Minert for shipping and handling charges on product shipped outside the United States.
Research Publications
Research Publications
Volume discount prices are available for these six books, i.e., for orders of ten or more copies of one title.  
Please contact Roger P. Minert for details.

Our goal is to provide superior self-help literature

to assist the family history researcher

in finding old German documents and deciphering handwriting in those documents. 

Created by: Susan E. Sirrine


Telephone: (801) 420-1169

All options are not available on a handheld device.  To view the entire collection of Dr. Minert's publications please access his website using a computer.

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